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Monday, August 28, 2017




She used to be a tech writer. Now she's a style and wardrobe guru, having just thrown open the online doors of her Ogle Cafe.


Deborah Chambers is tall, elegant, charming, silver-haired and 55. And you'd never guess that her stylish wardrobe comes mainly from charity shops.


“You don’t have to spend a fortune to look good – it’s how you style it that matters,” she enthuses.


She has two favourite charity shops, one on Louis Botha Avenue in Orange Grove, which she has been patronising for 10 years, and the other on 7th Avenue in Parkhurst. Here she picked up a brooch for R10, which turned out to be silver, and looks like it’s a discard from the Queen with its embroidered letters ER. 


“I don’t buy indiscriminately,” Deborah says, “but I find lovely things.” It’s how you dress it up,  with just the right belt, jewellery, hat or heels.


When asked what she’s wearing, the answer could be: a R50 kimono or kaftan or Chinese embroidered top, or a R100 fifties lurex dress, or a satin cocktail hip hop dress, which makes a "fabulous daytime outfit". Sometimes she cuts a dress short, or wears a top back to front, or changes the buttons. Style is simple really, says Deborah.


A friend gave her a piece of net. What to do with it? Put it around the head with that ER brooch, that’s what!


Deborah, whose handle is Deborah Darling, offers her styling advice for any occasion, and any day of the week. 


You’ll be ogled many times after leaving Ogle Café.

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