Let's chat about my writing. 

Jozi Rewired 

For three years I wrote a monthly column for Joburg’s oldest paper, the Saturday Star, called Jozi Rewired.


I traversed the city, always looking for intriguing things Joburgers were up to.

I have poked my nose into anything and everything - tuk-tuks, biking, canoeing, new housing, pop-up food, running, rooftop gardens, the Hillbrow tower, landfill to power, quiz nights, skateboarding, and what's happening to

some of our oldest and grandest buildings.


Take a read below.

Other Writings 

For 12 years I researched and wrote the story of Johannesburg, a city that was founded on gold and money and a mad rush to live life to the fullest. I interviewed people who were there in the making of that story. Here are some of the articles I wrote over those years.


For several years I wrote for the Brand South Africa website, mediaclubsouthafrica.com, and had great fun exploring everything from walking in the footsteps of the great naturalist and explorer William Burchell; taking a look at what heritage means; to trying to get into the soul of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in her published journal from prison; and looking at the history of shweshwe fabric and stylish clothes made from it; to taking a look at HIV-positive Nkosi Johnson’s short life. 


Jozi People 

For many years I researched and wrote stories for the City of Joburg website.

One of the features I created on the website was Why I love Joburg.

I quizzed significant Joburgers, getting their answers to just that question. 


I had a lot of fun doing it, so have decided to do a version of it here, and call it Jozi People.

I'll be chatting to interesting Joburgers and ask them what Jozi means to them. 

My Blog 

There are so many good things to do in the city, and I try to catch as many of them as possible.


There are hidden gems in Joburg, like the Randlords' mansions, or the secrets of Braamfontein Cemetery, or the hidden mural of the church in Sophiatown, or the restaurant where Nelson Mandela took Winnie on their first date, or the artesian well in the Alberts' Farm park. These and other secrets you'll learn about on my tours.


This blog will take you on these journeys - come and explore Jozi with me, and learn things about the city you didn't know about. Like I have done for many years, I will interview people who make this city what it is.


Come along on the journey. 

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