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I am Lucille.


I have a BA HED (Higher Education Diploma), and a Tesol English 2nd Language Diploma. I have over 22 years’ teaching experience, and over 15 years’ writing experience, as a journalist in Johannesburg. For the past 3 years I have conducted tours of Joburg.

And when I’m not teaching or writing or conducting tours, I'll be taking in the Joburg vibes and events - it may be a book launch, an art exhibition opening, a touch of jazz, a talk on intriguing stuff . . . there's always something happening in this town, where I have lived for the past 36 years. 

Come along on the journey with me - let's have fun exploring English and the city!

Right, let's get down to business. 

I offer three services:

English teacher for expats (adults and children), or other 2nd language English speakers.

I am a Johannesburg tour guide, offering Jozi tours & tales,

based on my years of research and writing about Joburg, and speaking to some of the people who were there.

I write content for


and features articles.

More info below... 

English Lessons

I teach English through improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. My emphasis is on building confidence in English, but also on having fun along the way, all the time being sensitive to weak areas and working on them.  

Jozi Tours & Tales

I draw on my years of research and writing about the city to take you on a journey exploring Joburg’s history and heritage. I’ll tell you what Hector Pieterson’s mother and sister have told me in several interviews, or what Baby Jake Matlala said about his height and boxing, or what writer Don Mattera spoke about in an interview about growing up in Sophiatown, or what Gail Johnson told me about Nkosi Johnson, who died of AIDS at the age of 12. And much, much more. Come along on the journey!

Jozi Rewired

For three years I wrote a monthly column called Jozi Rewired for Joburg’s oldest paper, the Saturday Star. I traversed the city, always looking for intriguing things Joburgers were up to. I poked my nose into anything and everything - tuk-tuks, biking, canoeing, new housing, pop-up food, running, rooftop gardens, the Hillbrow tower, landfill to power, quiz nights, skateboarding, and what's happening to some of our oldest and grandest buildings. Take a read below. 

Other Writings

For 12 years I researched and wrote the story of Johannesburg, a city that was founded on gold and money and a mad rush to live life to the fullest. Take a read of some of the articles I wrote over those years.


For several years I wrote for the Brand South Africa website, mediaclubsouthafrica.com, and had great fun exploring everything from walking in the footsteps of the great naturalist and explorer William Burchell; taking a look at what heritage means; to trying to get into the soul of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in her published journal from prison; looking at the history of shweshwe fabric and stylish clothes made from it; to taking a look at HIV-positive Nkosi Johnson’s short life. 


And just for good measure, in November 2014 I published a book called A journey through Johannesburg's Parks, Cemeteries and Zoo. I had fun exploring some of the city's cemeteries, some of my favourite places to hang out at. We have some great parks, and one of the best zoos on the continent.

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