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I get enormous pleasure from teaching children and adults, and seeing how their confidence grows as we enjoy exploring English together. 



I give English lessons to expat children and adults.


My aim is to give you the confidence to speak, write, and read in English, whatever your home language.


I combine my love of children with the fascination of seeing the pre-schoolers follow me on a journey to learn the alphabet, sing nursery rhymes, read three-letter words, and progress to reading simple sentences, while having conversations, learning to write and enjoying being read to.


For children 6 years and older, we have fun with limericks, sonnets, short stories and novels, reading to each other, exploring grammar, getting our tongues twisted with nonsense poems, and developing confidence in speaking, reading and writing English.


With expat adults, lots of speaking,

reading and writing will improve English proficiency and confidence.

My aim is for both of us to enjoy the lessons!


Let's talk! Email me. 



Lucille Davie gave me English lessons from January 2020 until July 2021. She was recommended by a friend at the German School in Johannesburg. She teaches children and adults from the school. 

At first I had to email her in German as I wasn't confident of my English. She started doing simple exercises and books with me, slowly building my confidence. We would talk every lesson, do grammar exercises, and I would write summaries of stories or chapters from the books we were reading. 

We did longer and longer stories, and now I feel confident to read longer stories. Although I still make some mistakes when talking, I feel more confident. She has helped me with vocabulary for my job, which is nursing. 

I enjoyed the different things we read - poems, limericks, short stories, short novels, and letters. I wrote letters and emails, things about my son, my wedding and my childhood, and Christmas. 

When I went back to Germany, we continued our lessons on Zoom. 

I would recommend Lucille as an English teacher. She helped me a lot.

- Sandra Snachs, Germany

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