English for Expats

I give English lessons to expat children and adults.


My aim is to give you the confidence to speak, write, and read in English, whatever your home language.


I combine my love of children with the fascination of seeing the pre-schoolers follow me on a journey to learn the alphabet, sing nursery rhymes, read three-letter words, and progress to reading simple sentences, while having conversations, learning to write and enjoying being read to.


For the 6- to 13-year-olds, we have fun acting out words, reading to each other, exploring grammar, getting our tongues twisted with nonsense poems, and developing confidence in speaking, reading and writing English.


With expat adults, lots of speaking,

reading and writing will improve English proficiency and confidence.


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As an English teacher she understands the finer nuances of the language well. Her teaching practice is creative. She managed to transfer the beauty of the language to her students, through poems, nice articles or nursery rhymes. We thank Lucille for her excellent work and the wonderful time in her class. We strongly recommend her to every foreign student who is eager to master the English language in a short period.



- Wei Wang, mother of 6-year-old Ron-Emil

and 8-year-old Paul-Lu, who in 6 months

learnt to read and write in English.

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Johannesburg, South Africa