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Joburg is a vibrant city, but always restless, searching for its soul, and that's what makes it an exciting city to live in. 



For 12 years I researched and wrote about Joburg’s history and heritage, for the Joburg city website.

I bring that wealth of knowledge to my tours.

I'll tell you what Hector Pieterson’s mother and sister told me in interviews, or Mr Kapitan of Kapitan’s, Madiba’s favourite restaurant in the 1950s,

or Baby Jake Matlala, or Tsietsi Mashinini's

mother and brother.


I offer 15 tours.

Join me, and hear intriguing tales,

listen to music of greats like Miriam Makeba and Dolly Rathebe, or the words of Don Mattera, Bloke Modisane and Nat Nakasa, and so much more!



Thank you Lucille for an amazing tour of a small but crucial section of our City yesterday.


I cannot wait to do all your tours, I am recommending these to my colleagues at the City of Johannesburg.


Your tours help contribute to our knowledge of the City, tourism, the preservation of our heritage and the general development of our economy.


Adv S’du Gumede

Ombudsman, City of Johannesburg


Please email me below for bookings and prices.


Tours are between 3 to 4 hours. Tours can be custom-designed to suit your needs.


As always, it is wise to leave valuables at home.

And the usual rules apply: comfortable walking shoes, water, a hat and sunscreen.

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